June 23, 2022

Written by Trish

Monte Creek Winery Invests $10million in Thompson Valley

[Monte Creek, BC] Monte Creek Winery in the Thompson Valley has been making big moves in the BC wine industry. Determined to offer one of the best wine experiences in BC, they recently completed a refinement to their brand packaging, and finished construction on two stunning new buildings. All the enhancements are intended to improve and better reflect the team’s commitment to quality, ongoing innovation, and sustainable practices.

On Wednesday, June 15, 2022, the winery hosted an exclusive media event to unveil and celebrate the winery’s new commitments to the Thompson Valley.

“Today is about celebrating the success of wine in the Thompson Valley, and about unveiling Monte Creek Winery’s commitment to this amazing valley with the addition of 10 million dollars in infrastructure,” said Erik Fisher, General Manager of Monte Creek Winery. “The inspiration behind our core values which are quality, sustainability, and innovation transcends from each and every person on this dynamic team.”

Monte Creek Winery


Erik Fisher, Minister Lana Popham, Miles Prodan and Trish Morelli.

On hand during the event were tourism, community and many key industry stakeholders, including BC’s Minister of Agriculture, Lana Popham, who stated, “Each bottle of B.C. wine tells the story of the people and the distinct growing region that the bottle comes from. From the new sustainably designed buildings, cover crops and regenerative agriculture practices, to the great wine and elegant branding, Monte Creek Winery is building a memorable experience for all those eager to learn and share the story of winemaking in the Thompson Valley.”

Gravity Flow Wine Production Facility


Monte Creek Winery’s new production facility. Photo credit: Matt Kuhn

New State-of-the Art Gravity Flow Production Facility

This new, custom 15,000-square-foot facility boasts 52 feet of vertical space, allowing gravity to process fruit gently, instead of pumps. The belief is that this enables the winery to produce more elegant, premium red wines. Not only does this new facility allow Monte Creek and winemaker Galen Barnhardt to have a more delicate handprint on the wines, but it will also triple the number of cases the winery can produce.

The building is predominately earth-sheltered and maximizes natural earth cooling, like a cave. This is augmented by drawing all ventilation air through a 50 m long earth tube, which pre-tempers the air to a constant temperature in all seasons. The building is designed to operate passively for most of the year, with opening windows on upper levels to create natural convection and flood the workspaces with diffused natural light. The heating and mechanical systems are ultra-efficient, and much like the wine that is produced inside, the building harvests the natural inputs of the sun and the earth.

Monte Creek Winery Greenhouse


Monte Creek Winery’s new greenhouse. Photo credit: Matt Kuhn

New Multi-Use Greenhouse Space

Monte Creek Winery also recently finished the construction of a 5,000-square-foot greenhouse. This multifunctional space is used to propagate vines for the winery’s expanding vineyards from January to May. The remainder of the year, the space is used for community, private and educational events that fuses together viticulture advancements, agri-tourism, and learning in a beautiful setting.

This fully accessible greenhouse is positioned next to the Tasting Room to ensure visitors can incorporate both learning and exposure to agricultural practices while they taste.

Controlling the source point of their vines ensures strong, high-quality plants, and reduces the carbon footprint from long-distance suppliers.

Refinement to the Brand

“Monte Creek Winery has extensively updated its packaging with a modernized logo and aesthetic. The fresh branding better reflects the team’s commitments to quality, ongoing innovation, and sustainable practices that have been Monte Creek Winery’s core values from the start,” Erik stated.

Monte Creek’s wines are now divided into Ancient Waters and Living Land series. The Ancient Waters series refers to the historical geological events that formed the land and prized soils.

“The Living Land series refers to the idea that great wine can only come from land that is truly alive. It speaks to the notion that to grow incredible fruit, you have to promote and maintain an environment that is healthy and working with nature. Biodiversity above and below the ground helps to balance this environment, strengthens the grapevine, and creates complexity in the fruit and wine,” said Erik.

The 2020 Living Land Sparkling Rosé and 2019 Ancient Waters Chardonnay. Photo credit: The Collective Loft

Through its commitment to quality, ongoing innovation, and sustainable practices, the winery’s mission is to become one of the best wine experiences in British Columbia. With their recent $10 million-dollar investment in infrastructure, Monte Creek Winery is committed to continuing to succeed in the Thompson Valley.

The winery invites people to tag them on social media at @montecreekwinery. Their wines can be ordered by visiting www.montecreekwinery.com or at select stores throughout British Columbia. The winery website has more details for those who wish to learn more about the team’s projects.

About Monte Creek Winery

Through quality, innovation and sustainability, Monte Creek Winery in the Thompson Valley is turning unique growing conditions into award-winning premium wines. The winery offers breathtaking views of the Thompson Valley, showcasing vineyards, nostalgic hoodoos, the mighty South Thompson river, and forests, all of which are home to wildlife.

Monte Creek Winery is situated on a 1,200-acre property, with 75 acres of grapes planted in the Thompson Valley, plus 40 planted acres in the Similkameen Valley. With a focus on sustainable and regenerative farming, the wines made at Monte Creek Winery are a celebration of the purpose and place.

The original winery building and Tasting Room opened in 2015. The rugged site evoked a simple yet captivating design that reflected its rural roots. In an old meets new approach, a tall campanile bell tower is intended to be an easily recognizable beacon for gathering. Steep Parapet gables and simple forms characterize the region’s best historic buildings and convey a sense of permanence and craft.

In the spacious Tasting Room and guest centre with its distinctively picturesque views, visitors are welcomed with warm hospitality to enjoy a tasting, shop for local products, dine seasonally, or host private events. The grounds, greenhouse, and winery await you. Until your next visit, discover more at montecreekwinery.com.



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